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WE also offer Helicopter Air Taxi services from Natakhtari Airport
A helicopter taxi is the ideal way to make fast journeys, both in Georgia and abroad. A helicopter is an efficient and safe means of transport. Such flights are possible from 1 to 6 passengers per helicopter.
We will pick you up near your home, company or party and fly you to the desired location.
Travel in comfort, safety and elegance while flying luxurious with a private helicopter.


KEZA TAM information

During the first decade of 2000 AAA has managed to design and build ELITE a fully composite six seater very light jet (VLJ) with Williams’s twin engines. This aircraft has been registered under Canadian call sign and completed 163 hours of flights in most part of the world and obtained all necessary approvals.

’’ Become a Professional Helicopter Pilot”


With our experience and proper equipment, AAA offers the best quality for filming in all categories. In the past we have produced and taken part in many commercials, TV series, and movies. With all of our experience, you are guaranteed to have the best film as possible.
Panoramic and Aerial filming are also not a problem for us. Our helicopters are also available for:

Panoramic Filming

Aerial Filming

Camera systems and mounts:

1 Cineplex V14HD
2 Middle mounts
1 Nose mount
1 Skid mount

Helicopter Power line Inspections

Having worked with power companies for many years, we are an established specialist in overhead
line surveys power line/pipeline construction and inspections. AAA provides a range of services for
power companies throughout the world. Utilizing both our R44 and Jet Ranger helicopters we have
the best available combination of helicopter sizes to help with the construction of any power lines
and pipelines. We are able to move personnel and perform light preparation and construction with
R44 and the Jet Ranger, and then locate large poles and pipes and other items up to 1.8 T with the
EC 135. The experience and expertise of our team in this area is well recognized within the industry.

Air works