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AAA) was created end 90’s under the name of Executive jet Center in Antwerp international Airport by CAPT. Ardeshir Keshavarzi on medium size business jets air taxi activities.
Several years later AAA Organization started entering in maintenance activities and spear parts for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer.

During the first decade of 2000 AAA has managed to design and build ELITE a fully composite six seater very light jet (VLJ) with Williams’s twin engines. This aircraft has been registered under Canadian call sign and completed 163 hours of flights in most part of the world and obtained all necessary approvals.


KEZA TAM information

During the first decade of 2000 AAA has managed to design and build ELITE a fully composite six seater very light jet (VLJ) with Williams’s twin engines. This aircraft has been registered under Canadian call sign and completed 163 hours of flights in most part of the world and obtained all necessary approvals.

’’ Become a Professional Helicopter Pilot”

Integrated ATPL(H)

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (H) will get you from zero to your license in a single course, programed in phases and subjects.
With this license, you’ll be able to safely operate a single pilot twin-engine helicopter engaged in commercial air transport in IFR.
Candidates can start the course without previous experience or as holders of a PPL (H). Students who hold a PPL (H), will be credited 50% of the corresponding experience, Candidates holding Private Airplane license, could convert their PPL (A) To PPL Helicopter license.
Enjoy flying for fun, and when you are ready for it, start your professional career. You’ll never regret your PPL Training.

ATPL (H) Airline Transport Pilot License Helicopter

• Class 1 medical certificate.
• Be at least 17 years old.
• Being good in Mathematics and comfortably understand English.
• PPL(H) Holders will be credited, up to a maximum of:
• 40 hours, of which up to 20 can be instruction in double command, or
• 50 hours, of which up to 25 can be instruction in double command, if the night flight rating has been obtained on a helicopter.

Course Structure for applicant without previous knowledge;
• Theoretical Knowledge Ground School: 750 hours.
• Huggs 300 or Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter Training: 135 hours
• EC135Twin-turbine Helicopter Training: 10 hours
• Training in FNPT II MCC Simulator (including MCC course): 55 hours

Upon completion of the instruction, the candidates will be required to take the CPL(H) skills test and the IR(H) proficiency test on an IFR-certified twin-engine helicopter.

Theoretical Training;
• Air-Law *
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Airframes & Systems (H)
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Electrics
• Aircraft General Knowledge / Power plant
• Instruments (H)
• Mass & Balance (H)
• Flight Performance (H)
• Flight planning and –monitoring
• Human Performance and Limitations
• Meteorology
• General Navigation
• Radio Navigation
• Operational Procedures OPS (H)
• Principles of Flight (H)
• VFR and IFR-Communications

Course Duration;
12 to 36 Months

General Conditions;
This course can be started at any time. At AAA Georgia, we are able to develop together with the student a training schedule, which will include theoretical and flight phases. This schedule may be modified at any time according to the student or academy needs. The flight instructor will arrange the training sessions between 9:00 am and sunset, any day of the week, even holidays, according to schedule.
The student pilot must assist to all theoretical classes and flight training, unless there's a justified reason, bad weather, or safety.
Our well experienced instructors will make sure the student is perfectly prepared before giving the permission to take the flight test. During the course, the student will be covered by an insurance according to the law, which releases AAA Georgia of any additional responsibility.

Other information;
AAA FLIGHT ACADEMY provides theoretical and flight training in English language. AAA informs through its website about the different locations for medical exams as well as about the theoretical test schedule published by AESA for licenses and type ratings together with the fees for each license and type rating.

Private helicopter pilot License PPL (H);
This license enables the holder to fly as a pilot in command, in any non-commercial operation within the European Union or any country where this license is recognized.

Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter

Huggs 300 Helicopter

To be at least 17 years of age at the beginning of the flight phase.
D.N.I/ valid passport Medical exam (class 2).

To obtain the private pilot license for Helicopters PPL(H) authorized by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), valid for flying according to the visual flight rules (VFR) under visual meteorological conditions (VMC), and act as a pilot in command.
Fly any other helicopter type, a specific type rating is necessary. This license is valid to fly in any European Union country as long as the holder has, at least, a level 4 in the English language certificate.

Also, through our different courses and type ratings it is possible to obtain several qualifications such as the night flight, instrument flight, Flight instructor, etc. This license is the initial phase to achieve the Commercial Pilot License CPL or Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL, through the different courses in AAA GEORGIA.

The duration of the course is approximately 4 months depending on the student availability and weather conditions. However, it could be shortening if the student has any other license as a PPL (A), ultralight license, etc.

ATPL (H) Instrument Rating IR;

ATPL (H) IR License;

This License entitles you to commercial flight operations for which 2 pilots are required and carried out according to visual and instrument flight rules. You may fly large commercial helicopters first as a co-pilot and later as a pilot in command.
In accordance with EASA PART FCL, The Instrument Rating Course consists of a minimum of 40 hours simulator training (With PNFII) and a minimum of 10 hours flight training in a EC120 IR Equipped.
Minimum requirements for candidates attending an IR(H) course include holding a PPL(H) with a night qualification, or a valid CPL(H). Applicants must also have passed theoretical knowledge examinations.

• Medical Class 1
• CPL (H) license or PPL (H) with night privileges.
• Passed IR(H) theory
• English: Language proficiency level 4
• 50 hours cross country as PIC in helicopters. (Does not apply to candidates who has completed the ATP(H)/IR, ATP(H), CPL(H)/IR or CPL(H) integrated course)
Theoretical Training:
Applicants wishing to obtain a IR(H) must pass the theory exams in the following subjects:
• Air law
• Aircraft general knowledge
• Flight performance and planning
• Human performance and limitations
• Meteorology
• Navigation
• IFR Communication

Candidates for the IR(H) who have already passed the CPL(H) examinations, get credited for subjects Human performance/limitations and Meteorology. Candidates who have passed the ATPL(H) IR examinations are credited with the above theory requirements. However, the IR(H) rating must be completed within three years after passing the last ATPL(H) IFR exam.

Commercial Pilot License CPL/H


Helicopter flying has seen a strong growth in recent years, especially in professional aviation. This includes sightseeing flights, pipeline and environmental inspections, off-shore operations and pilotage of sea-going vessels. Television broadcasters also use helicopters for aerial recordings.
At the training center in Holland we can offer you a fleet of which the majority is a turbine helicopter and consists of:
- Types of Single Engine Schweitzer 300Schweizer 330/333 , Bell 206 jet ranger , Bell 206 long-ranger (IFR certified), Eurocopter EC 120 , Eurocopter EC 130 .
- Types of Multi Engine helicopters:
Eurocopter AS 355 , Eurocopter EC 155B1 , Eurocopter EC175.
Countries of operation are: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Caribbean, USA, Greenland.

With regard to helicopter flying training, the quality of the instruction and individual supervision of the student pilot are paramount. Heli Holland has European recognition (EU / EASA) for all helicopter courses that Heli Holland provides. The recognition is issued and checked by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, making Heli Holland the highest qualified training institute in the Netherlands in the field of helicopter.

If your aim is to work as a commercial helicopter pilot, this might be the right course for you.A complete course from zero to Commercial pilot.

10 to 12 months.
Theoretical and practical training is integrated which makes the learning process a lot easier for the student and the results will improve faster.

ATPL (H) theory (Airline Transport License). 15 subjects.
IR theory is included in the course. (English reading and speaking should be at least level 4).

Flight training:
Huggs 300 or Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopter Training 35h (20 sim FNPT II AS355 simulator). Possibility to include mountain training/winter operations as well as international navigation flights.

We are offering an EASA ATPL H Theoretical full time courses. We are using a mix books from Oxford and Bristol.
There are 14 subjects in the ATPL helicopter course, IR theory is included in the course. All classes are in English.

Two blocks, each containing 6-8 weeks of classroom teachings with our experience ground instructors. The time between the two theory blocks are there for the purpose of examination.