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EASA Cabin Crew Initial Organization Training (CCITO)

Cabin Crew Initial Training Requirements for attending this course
• At least 18 years of age.
• Diploma certificate.
• The ability to speak English (for applicants who do not have the ability to speak English, Aviation English for cabin crew course will be held)
• The ability to swim up to 50 meters.
• Get a medical certificate based on EASA Part-MED.

Cabin Crew Initial Training Practical training classes
• Fire Drill incl. Real Fire and Smoke
• Swimming test in a swimming pool
• Water survival training in a swimming pool
• Oxygen administration to patients

Cabin Crew Initial Training Theoretical training classes
• European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations
• Passenger Handling - Crowd Control - Communication
• Meteorology
• Fire and smoke training
• Water survival training
• Aero-Medical aspects and first aid
• Initial Human Factors and Crew resource management (CRM)
• Dangerous Goods Regulations Training (DGR)
• Safety and Security Procedures
• Grooming and Service Training


The presented project implies development and production of Very Light Jet VLJ (KEZA-600) 617 with two Pratt and Whitney Jet engines, and Honeywell Integrated Avionics on the facilities of LLC “KEZA-TAM”, in Tbilisi Georgia. The project envisages investment of US$ 60.5 million.

In accordance with the preliminary projections by 2025 the Investment will be fully recovered. By 2029 the Project VLJ (KEZA-600) will generate US$ 275M.

Growth projection of the civil aviation indicates that by 2035 the number of civil aircraft will increase from 19,580 to 39,320 units. The growth in civil aviation will imply the growth in business aviation sectors. The growth will be observed in the Very Light Jet (VLJ) segment, sub-segment of business aviation. In the next five years the number of VLJ delivered will amount to around 1,500 units.

The project will be implemented by KEAZA-TAM New management formed by “AAA Georgia” and outside Investors.

AAA Georgia has significant experience in the field. The proposed KEZA-600 Jet will become the 3rd model developed by the “Keza-Tam” new management.

Today “KEZA-TAM” possesses production facilities and engineering personnel that are fully capable to manage challenges of the project. The entire cost of project is US$ 60.5M. The biggest part of this amount is directed towards financing for Certification process of the aircraft under European Aviation Safety Agency EASA Regulations. Part of the amount will be spent on the production of four prototypes aircraft required for the certification, and financing consulting services required for leading certification process.
In accordance with the current estimates the process will last for 27 months. At the last stage of the certification AAA Georgia will start selling experimental aircraft (“Kits”) to interested customers.
In accordance with the current market demand it is possible to start marketing and sales process, early in the project implementation. The project envisages undertaking of marketing and sales activities from Tbilisi and Dubai (Middle Eastern Market).

AAA Georgia plans that the sales price for the “Kits” will be US$ 2.5M. After the
certification the price of the KEZA-600 Jet will be fixed at US$ 3.5M. For the period of 2025-2029 the Company plans to sell 222 aircraft.
Projected financial projections imply starting of the sales (initially sales of “Kits”) from 2023. The same year the company will start selling of the certified aircraft. By 2028 the company will fully cover the investment loan. By the end of 2029 the company will generate cash of around Euro 200M.

Risk analysis of the project indicate that most of the risks in project implementation are fully manageable. Hiring of the experienced consultant that would assist the Company in the certification process will further reduce risks.